BG 2.7-12__First Recorded BG Lecture__Mar66_NY

BG 2.49-50__Spend All Energy Working In KC__Summer1966_NY

BG 2.51-54__Dovetailing Yourself With The Supreme__Sum66_NY

BG 2.55__Engaging in Devotional Service__Sum1966_NY

BG 2.55-56__Coming Off The Mental Platform__Summer66_NY

BG 2.59-69__Getting Higher Taste__Sum66_NY

BG 4.3-6-Forgetfulness Of The Lord__18jul66_NY

BG 4.6-8__Why Lord And His Represent… Descend__20jul66_NY

BG 4.13-14__Divisions Of Human Society__01aug66_NY

BG 4.14-19-Karma — Akarma__03aug66_NY

BG 4.24-34__Varnasrama Dharma__12aug66_NY

BG 4.34-36__Only Think Of Krishna__17aug66_NY

BG 6.1-4__You Serve Krishna Or Maya__05sep66_NY

BG 6.4-9__Engaging The Mind In KC__sep66_NY

BG 6.11-19__How One Should Perform Yoga__07sep66_NY

BG 6.21-25-Searching After Real Happiness

BG 6.33-40__Vairagya Is Such A Nice Thing__sep66_NY



BG 6.40-43__There Is No Loss In Spiritual Life__sep66_NY

BG 7.8-14__Remember Krsna 24 Hours A Day__sep66_NY

BG 7.15-18__Four Classes Of Men Come To God__sep66_NY

BG 7.27-30 & 8.1-4__Discovering The Real Interest__sep66_NY

BG 8.12-14_Pass That Final Examination At Death__oct66_NY

BG 8.15-20__Material World vs. Spiritual World__ost66_NY







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